Q: How is your product used?
A: Simply attach our “Mesh Pouch” to any type of fan on low speed or our “Scent Cannon” at for air movement to disperse the scent which has been permeated with the essential oils into the beads which are either Ceramic or Plastic Bead. This depends on the scent being used. Any air movement is ideal A/C Vents Custom sizes available. Just ask.

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Q: How long does it take to receive product?
A: EVERY ORDER IS MADE FRESH to ensure that every order is scented to it's fullest potential. Nothing is sitting around. Orders usually ship out of factory within 1-1½ weeks, sometimes sooner. Shipping is UPS Ground and comes out of the West Coast. Figure 5 days to East Coast shipping.

Q: How far will the scent travel, how long will it last and how do I store it?
A: The scent will only travel only as long as air is passing over the beads, or carried through from customers walking past. Depending on the scent, some last longer than others. Stronger scents tend to last longer than lighter scents.
Storage and Care: Just like a Gremlin, these, too, have special rules.
  • Keep out of sunlight  
  • Keep out of extreme heat.
  • Store in cool, dark, place
  • Do not put water on beads to try to refresh “Remember Oil” What happens to water and oil? It doesn't work
  • Ideally, you want to refresh the beads weekly by simply moving them about in the mesh pouch. The air movement over the beads dries the oils. By moving the beads, this exposes the inner beads which still contain the oil. (See images below)
  • Ideally, you want to store your pouch in an air tight container or ziplock bag when not in use.

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Q: Do you ship anywhere?
A: Yes! We will ship anywhere with the continental USA. If it is out of the US, we will need your shipping account number. 

Q: Is there a minimal to purchase?
A: No. 

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?
A: UPS charges extra for residential areas, fuel surcharges, etc... A small basic package from West Coast factory is around $12. Since Fog Additive orders are shipped from Chicago, there would be a slightly higher shipping cost to those orders containing both products. 

Q: I am looking for a special scent and I don't see it on your list?
A: Please ask. It may be something that can be made special or is available under another name. 

Q: How are your “Scent Cannons” used? 
A: You need to have compressed air from a compressor to get the scent to blow out. Scent Cannons are used for special installations and also require controlled voltage of 12v or 120v installations. In Haunted Houses, Escape Rooms, Amusement Parks, 4 &5D Theaters, Food Courts, Movie Theaters, Interactive Exhibits and Trade Shows.