Animatronics Upgrade Scent Cannon + Scent Doughnut

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SHOW SPECIAL - Limited time!

Scent cannon + Scent bag (135 Gram Doughnut size)!  

$15.00 savings


Scent Cannon 12v DC Instructions:



  1. Mount Scent Canon in desired location with drywall screws.  We recommend mounting in a tech area or out of scene because of ¼” air hose requirement.
  2. Connect the cannon to a compressed air source  via standard 3/8” air hose attachment.
  3. Connect the optional Laser Eye Trigger, PIR Motion Sensor or Manual Trigger. See instructions for triggers for optimization. Triggers are polarity sensitive! Red to Red & Black to Black only!
  4. Open canister on bottom of cannon. Place scent doughnut into canister, avoiding contact with scent donut.
  5. Trigger the cannon, adjust the flow of scent via the black knob on flow controller.

NOTE: Product is polarity sensitive. MUST connect RED positive to RED positive, and BLACK negative to BLACK negative.


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